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Restumping a house is one of the first costs for a renovator to consider. Foundations are the key to a long lasting renovation and the cost when done at the initial stages, before any other major works are commenced is well worth the investment.
We provide some ideas on rising damp. restumping and reblocking. Restumping costs are well worth the investment in the long term.
House Restumping or reblocking for  Melbourne.
Most houses built on timber stumps will need restumping but when?
Timber stumps can last anywhere from as little as 15 to as many as 80 years depending on soil conditions, timber used, drainage and termite attack.
A visual inspection can be made by scratching away the soil from the base of the stump (75mm to 100mm) and checking its condition. An Archicentre inspection will do this for you, or maybe a builder can advise on restumping.
Look for a reliable tradesman to restump or reblock your house, the house will need to jacked up, stumps removed and replaced with concrete stumps.
Floors will need to levelled, doors and windows may need to levelled as well this all adds to the price. Sounds like a lot of work, but restumping before commencing major renovations is worth it in the long run.

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Why You Need House Reblocking?

When the stumps that form the foundation of a home are affected, the home can become an unsafe and unstable structure for the family. By reblocking, our contractors can fix any issues related to rotting, deterioration, and cracking of the foundation. The damaged stumps can either be reinforced or replaced according to the needs of the project.

When You Need To Reblock?

It is common for most homeowners and families in Melbourne to not really factor the maintenance of the foundation of their home. One reason could be that the stumps lie below and are not readily visible for monitoring. If there are any signs of damage to the walls or the roof of the house, the homeowner spots it and gets it fixed. However, if the timber or concrete stumps that support the house develop issues, they could go unnoticed for a while.
When the foundation deteriorates, there are certain signs that alert families can look out for. They include:

Uneven or slanting floors. The floors are the best indicator of the foundation’s health. Since the stumps are attached to the flooring, any issues with the foundation will be reflected on the floors. If you feel a slant while walking inside your house, or an uneven texture between steps, your foundation needs to be fixed.

Crack lines on the tile floors. For homeowners who have installed tiles, fine cracks can develop on them when the stumps rot, rust, or expand.

As a rule of thumb, a good time to consider reblocking the foundation is when you decide to undertake any major renovation of your home.

Reblocking / Restumping a House

Restumping or reblocking a house is one of the first jobs for anyone renovating a house to consider. Foundations are the key to a long lasting renovation and when done at the initial stages, before any other major works have begun, have the potential to save you lots of money in the long run.

  • Inspection

    A visual inspection by a house restump can be made by looking for signs of deterioration of the stumps and signs of cracking or movement inside with walls and floors. After checking stumps and inspecting other parts of your home, we can then advise you on whether restumping is required or when you should have your foundations checked again.

  • Restumping and reblocking

    To restump or reblock your house, the house will need to to be first jacked up and supported. The stumps are then removed and replaced with concrete stumps that last for a longer period and resist problems such as termites more effectively.
    Within your home the floors will need to levelled and crooked doors and windows may also need to levelled. After the initial cost of installing the new foundations, the amount of work needed to fix problems in your home (if any) are what may add to the price. This can be a lot of work, so restumping before commencing any renovations is important so not to have an inaccurate budget for new works.

  • Costs involved

    An old house in Melbourne may cost more if it is close to the ground, when compared to a home with easy access. So prices can vary greatly for the same number of stumps. A quote is always necessary.
    If you are renovating and replacing floors in a house, then that’s a great time to restump. This is because the easier access available at this time will usually reduce the time required to safely reblock your home.
    As with any renovation you need to look at the total project, restumping an otherwise sound house comes down to safety and protecting your investment and if there are any issues, it will surely be well worth it at renovation stage.

Our Results Speak For Themselves

The Underpinning Guide Melbourne design ensures that the load bearing is directly on a solid plate which is a stronger design than any equivalent in the marketplace. Our products have been independently tested by a certified Queensland university laboratory and come complete with full engineering certification.

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Katie Sills
Katie Sills
a month ago

Great company to deal with and excellent staff. Our company prides itself on customer service and great to see a company as Restumping Melbourne with our core values. Recommend anytime!!

tom cook
tom cook
3 months ago

Thank you so much Restumping Melbourne. I bought stairs stringers and treads back in December. The house is nearly finished and they look great! The sales rep(whose name I have forgotten, sorry) worked out the cheapest freight to Melbourne.They are simple and look great!

michael bishop
michael bishop
a year ago

The guys at Resrumping Melbourne are absolutely brilliant! Can’t fault them. Great service, responsive, full of advice and just a brilliant produce as well! Used them several times now and will keep on buying in the future! Top stuff Bib and Bob!!!

Sam Goyder
Sam Goyder
a month ago

Love using the product for my business, easy to install use and understand. Wouldn't consider going anywhere else for house stumps or stringers!!!!

Our House Reblocking Melbourne Process

At Underpinning Guide Melboune, we undertake a careful, detailed approach to the reblocking project for our clients. We understand the importance of foundation stumps and the urgency with which any issues with them need to be fixed. The process that our team of experts follow include:

  • The first step involves supporting the worn out or cracked foundation stumps by installing jacks.

  • The team then excavate the soil to reach the base of the foundation.

  • The old stumps are removed, and their replacements are hung above the vacant holes.

  • Before the contractors pour the concrete to fix the new stumps, they survey the level of the floor above the stumps. If the floor is at level, the concrete is poured into the excavated holes and the new stumps are inserted.

House Reblocking & Restumping FAQ

In most cases of reblocking houses, it will take around 5 days.

Usually you can stay in your home while we work. Underpinning Guide Melbourne will advise you on the full extent of the works that will be undertaken before we start so you can assess your living arrangements.

If there is at least 400mm clearance underneath your house for us to work in then your floorboards will not be affected.  If there is less than 400mm clearance, we work through the floorboards, which will mean removing some of the floorboards from your house.

Reblocking and restumping are terms that describe replacing the old ‘block’ or ‘stump’ foundations of a home with new concrete stumps. Reblocking and restumping is mostly for older weatherboard homes which are raised off the ground with foundations. The terms basically mean the same thing.

Underpinning Guide Melbourne use concrete stumps which are built to Australian Standards and last much longer than traditional wooden stumps, which is why we are able to give a ten year guarantee on our work.

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